Hello friends, and welcome to the Church of the Sleeping Giant.

If you are one of the young homeowners that have managed to get a foot on the property ladder but are looking for advice to nurture and perfect your new home then this is the place for you.

What is this site about?

In 2016, aged 24, I purchased a one bedroom flat in a small Scottish city. My first error was taking out home insurance in a rush to meet the terms of the mortgage and ending up with an eye-watering £800 excess. After muddling through for months I started collecting everything I could on managing my new venture. I started making budgets, reading books and getting advice on how best to go about it. This blog bears the fruits of my labour:

No nonsense advice for the home owning millennial.

Who are these millennials and how many of us actually own homes anyway?

Demographers typically describe anyone born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s as a millennial, or to put it another way, those roughly between 15 and 35 today (ref). In 1991 67% of the people aged 25-34 owned their own homes. By 2014 this nearly halved to 36%, and don’t even get me started on the those under 24 (ref). Yet, there are still some of us getting the resources together to take the plunge, but what do you do once you have?

Suddenly life is about bleeding radiators and home insurance. Well that’s where Church of the Sleeping Giant comes in. I’m here to give you thrifty tips (after all you just saved for your deposit and now you have a mortgage) to run your home, plus some decorating ideas to keep it looking fabulous.

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